Phone Holder by Tackform Solutions

Phone Holder by Tackform Solutions


  • Ideal for FLAT and LEVEL surfaces – Compact & miniature design specifically made for FLAT surfaces. The adhesive base for this mount is NOT designed for curved surfaces (this means if you want to mount on your dash where it has a contoured / curved area, this is not the right solution)
  • Better Grip with SILICONE mount head – The softened silicone surface of the magnetic phone holder mount head allows cell phones to be securely mounted while driving and NOT slide around. The silicone surface grip prevents your device from slipping from the magnetic mount while driving
  • High Strength – Tackform uses High Strength Neodymium Magnets to ensure a safe and secure hold on your device while driving. We ALSO provide extra sticky pads for the mount base so that when you decide to relocate your mount, you have a brand new sticky pad to put on the base and have it work like NEW
  • Easy to Use – This magnetic mount phone holder is cradle-less and is designed to provide an easy use phone mount for cars. The magnetic phone holder attaches to flat surfaces by a 3M Adhesive Pad on the base of the mount. The magnet mount is attached to the base by an adjustable ball socket which allows 360 rotation
  • Buy with Confidence – Unlike other magnetic car mounts & cradles, Tackform offers a 100% Moneyback LIFETIME Guarantee. We strive to keep every customer happy with our magnetic phone holder products


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